How Does Marijuana Work?

How Does Marijuana Work?

Benefits of smoking weed.


The main active chemical in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient. The highest concentrations of THC are find in the dried flowers, or buds. When marijuana smoke is inhale, THC rapidly passing from the lungs into the bloodstream and is carried. Because the brain and other organs throughout the body. THC from marijuana acts on specific receptors in the brain. Called cannabinoid receptors, starting off a chain of cellular reactions that finally lead to euphoria. Or “high” that users experience. Feeling of a relaxed state, euphoria, and an enhanced sensory perception may occur. With higher THC levels in those who are not use to the effects. Some people may feel anxious, paranoid, or have a panic attack. Benefits of smoking weed

Certain areas in the brain, such as the hippocampus. The cerebellum, the basal ganglia, and the cerebral cortex, have a higher concentration of cannabinoid receptors. These areas influence memory, concentration, pleasure, coordination, sensory, and time perception.1

Marijuana’s strength is correlated to the amount of THC it contains and the effects on the user depend on the strength or potency of the THC. Different strains will contain different levels of THC. In general, the THC content in marijuana has been increasing since the 1970s, when it contained roughly 10% THC. In 2015, as reported by Live Science, researchers from the American Chemical Society found levels of THC at roughly 30%.

There are many other chemicals find in marijuana, many of which may adversely affect health. Marijuana contains over 60 different cannabinoid compounds, and overall 400 different compounds have been identifying in marijuana, including THC, cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol, and β-caryophyllene, as noting by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA).


Always make sure you get your weed from a reliable source because the source determines what you smoke. Furthermore, Legit and clean sources are always with us.



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